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Maintain My Home is your one-stop shop for home maintenance. We have developed a comprehensive maintenance plan for residential homes that entails work items covering structural components, mechanical/electrical systems, appliances, utilities, and more. You would have to call, schedule, and manage several separate contractors to deliver the services provided by just one call to Maintain My Home.


Our service is delivered throughout the year by scheduled visits that are designed to deal with seasonal/maintenance issues as requried. After performing a thorough home maintenance assessment, a customized maintenance plan will be designed for your home. Your home’s maintenance plan will be delivered by our well trained technicians who are polite, professional, trustworthy, and thoroughly screened to ensure your safety and security. Maintain My Home will continuously maintain your home by delivering preventive maintenance services, proactively identifying and dealing with problems, creating repair plans, and providing referrals to pre-screened professional contractors as required for larger repairs.


· Test CO2 Detectors (change batteries)

· Test Smoke Alarms (change batteries)

· Investigate and tag main shut off valves for plumbing

· Investigate main shut off for gas

· Ensure electrical panel is labelled correctly and breakers tested

· Ensure outside electrical service is secure

· Check Electrical Panel for proper fuse sizes

· Examine exterior outlets are equipped with weather tight covers

· Examine and record furnace filter size (clean and change as required)

· Open humidifier duct at start of winter

· Inspect hot water tank for leaks and signs of age

· Clean surrounding area of furnace and hot water tank

· Open all exterior hose taps in late spring

· Clean area around air conditioner for venting

· Uncover AC unit in Spring

· Check and clean exterior vents and louvers

· Pour Water in basement drains to prevent methane gas odour

· Check and test sump pump operation

· Adjust self closing doors

· Check and clean dehumidifier

· Test pressure relief valve on hot water tank

· Clean surrounding area of furnace and hot water tank

· Inspect all under plumbing fixtures for water leaks

· Test reset button on all GFCI receptacles

· Check condition of caulking around windows and doors

· Inspect windows for broken seals and examine all window hardware and lubricate

· Check caulking around sinks and showers

· Check that all drains run freely

· Pour Water in basement drains to prevent methane gas odour

· Run plumbing fixture to prevent ceasing

· Clean bathroom fan grills

· Empty Central Vac canister

· Close humidifier duct at Mid spring

· Clean surrounding area of furnace and hot water tank

· Inspect and clean HRV units

· Shut off all exterior hose taps in late fall

· Disconnect and store outside hoses late fall

· Check and Lubricate garage door rails

· Test auto reverse on the garage door

· Cover AC unit in winter


As a Maintain My Home customer you should expect a home that is safer, healthier, more efficient to operate, and where everything works as designed. Maintain My Home will help you:

The Maintain My Home service will protect your significant investment in your home, maximize your home’s resale value, and minimize home inspection issues when it comes time to sell. Your home will never look more beautiful or operate better than when maintained by Maintain My Home.

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